BioEnergetic Assessment

Get the information you need about your health

BioEnergetic Assessment (BEA), also known as Electro Dermal Screening (EDS), Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA), or Electro Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, biofeedback, and modern technology to empower you with the information you need to make smart choices about your health.

How does it work?

BioEnergetic Assessment (BEA) allows us to eavesdrop on the communication system of your body to find out what it needs to heal.
It works by using physics and energy to measure the energetic health of your organs and systems via specific acupuncture points on your hands. The technology is similar in nature to an EKG.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our bodies contain a network of energetic pathways, known as meridians that connect our organs and systems. These meridians manifest in these specific acupuncture points.
By combining the use of the Zyto Elite BioEnergetic device and a deep knowledge of natural health, your practitioner can assess which organs or systems are energetically stressed, and which remedies are needed to restore balance.
From there, you and your practitioner will craft an individual health program to support your body’s innate healing process.

What can a BEA screen for?

Using the Zyto Elite BEA device, your practitioner can scan for thousands of stressors that may be causing imbalance.
Some examples include energetic food sensitivities, environmental toxins, emotional issues, heavy metals, immune stressors, viruses, and a variety of allergens.
Once a stressor (or stressors) have been identified, your practitioner will use that information to help customize your individual health plan. This may include recommendations for nutritional supplements, homeopathics, dietary and lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, and specific exercises.

Is BioEnergetic Assessment invasive?

Not at all.
Since we are not diagnosing, there are no needles, swabs, or invasive procedures.
After your practitioner completes a thorough initial intake, you simply place your hand on the Zyto hand cradle and relax while your practitioner completes your scan.
No pain, all gain.

More about the Zyto Elite

We have chosen the Zyto Elite because of its technological capabilities and ease of use/comfort for the client.
Check out this video below to learn more about how the Zyto Elite scan works and what to expect.

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