Hypnosis with a Purpose

Unleash your mind’s healing potential

Hypnosis and Holistic Health

In holistic health, the well-being of the mind is directly related to the body’s ability to heal itself.
Numerous published studies are beginning to surface validating the role of the mind-body connection in a variety of health issues.
At Holistic Wellness, we integrate Hypnosis with a Purpose to help clients detoxify mental blockages and achieve their health goals faster.

Who Benefits from Hypnosis with a Purpose?

Since every ailment of the body correlates to the mind, hypnosis is beneficial to anyone seeking improved health.

Hypnosis with a Purpose can be used for:
• Stress Relief and relaxation
• Weight management
• Smoking cessation
• Pain relief
• Focus and concentration
• Cravings
• Increasing positive self-talk
• Children’s health
• Improved overall well-being
• Healthy sleep patterns
• And more…

What to Expect in your Hypnosis with a Purpose Session

During your 1-hour session, you will be guided to a completely relaxed mental state. Here you can identify and release any toxic thoughts or feelings that have been blocking your mind-body flow system.
Contrary to popular belief, a hypnotist cannot control your mind or make you do anything under hypnosis you would not normally do.
• The first step involves discussion between you and the hypnotist to develop a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve.
• The next step involves setting your goal for healing as you settle into a relaxed and open state of mind.
• From there, we begin the gentle process of detoxing mental blockages and setting the stage for a healthier, happier future.

How fast will I see results?

Though individual results vary, most clients report positive changes after just one session.
The number of sessions required will depend upon your health goals and how quickly you respond to hypnosis.
This process is different for everyone and it is important not to judge or compare yourself to someone else. Let the process work.

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