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Homeopathy—the what, why, and how


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of medicine in the world.
In Europe, medical doctors and homeopaths work hand-in-hand and homeopathic remedies are dispensed in pharmacies. In India over 100 million people rely on homeopathy as their primary source of medicine.
It has over 200 years of history backing its success and was discovered by German medical doctor, and personal physician to the royal family, Samuel Hahnemann.

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy means “similar suffering” and works based on the “Law of Similars” or “like cures like”.
Homeopathic remedies are prepared using highly diluted plant, mineral, or animal substances. The diluted substance is then given to stimulate the body’s natural immune response.
For example, a homeopathic preparation of coffee (Coffea cruda) can help quell anxiousness or encourage sleep; or homeopathic syrup of ipecac may be indicated to help stop nausea.
The principle is somewhat similar to that of immunizations, but in a much gentler, 100% natural, and less invasive form.
A healthy, balanced body knows how to absorb nutrients, drain, detoxify, and optimize well-being. Homeopathic remedies simply remind an imbalanced body how to return to health.

Are homeopathics safe for everyone?

Homeopathics are recognized by the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of the United States, regulated by the FDA, and homeopathy is recognized as the #1 alternative medicine in Europe.
Homeopathics, being highly diluted substances, are safe for adults, children, and even pets.
At Holistic Wellness, our holistic health practitioners have had great success utilizing professional homeopathic remedies in conjunction with other holistic health modalities to meet your individual needs.

Homotoxicology—a map to your well-being

Created by German medical doctor, Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg and used extensively by homeopathic practitioners, Homotoxicology is a centuries-old approach that helps us track the progression of toxicity and ailments so we can assist the body back to health.
According to Dr. Reckeweg, there are 6 progressive phases of toxicity that lead to ailments of the body, mind, and spirit.

The 6 Phases of Homotoxicology:


Phase 1: Excretion

the body tries to excrete toxins via sneezing, coughing, vomiting or pushing it through urine and feces. If the body is unsuccessful at excreting the toxin, then it moves to Phase 2.


Phase 2: Reaction/inflammation

the body reacts to the toxin through inflammation processes such as fever, mucus, or swelling. This natural process is designed to move the toxin back to Phase 1 where it can be excreted.


Phase 3: Deposition

the body takes the toxin and deposits it somewhere until it has the resources to move it out through Phase 2, then Phase 1. If the body lacks the resources to move back to Phase 2 and a new toxin enters, then the process moves to Phase 4.


Phase 4: Impregnation

if deposition is prolonged by compromised detox pathways, the toxin then inserts itself into the organs, tissues, or systems. The toxins have built up and the body is unable to move them to the previous stages for excretion, then the process moves to Phase 5.


Phase 5: Degeneration

at this phase, the body stops functioning properly and begins to degenerate from toxic load. Examples of symptoms include: fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, tuberculosis and heart attack. Some people may move into Phase 5 without any symptoms other than fatigue. If the body continues to accumulate toxins, it will eventually move into Phase 6.


Phase 6: Neoplasm

as the body degenerates, its defenses reach burnout stage AKA neoplasm. This is the worst stage of illness also known as the “cancer stage”. A trained holistic health practitioner will assess your health concerns using the chart of Homotoxicology and a Zyto BioEnergetic Assessment. From there we customize an individual holistic care program to move your body back to health.

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